"Honest, straightforward and solution driven are terms Engels invented."
"Sacha makes you feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable subjects."
"She is always a few steps ahead of us."
"She's only just got to know our company, but it feel like she’s been here for years."
"A supervisory director with a clear focus on Purpose, People and Performance."
"We regained sight on where we want to be in 5 years."
"It is inspiring to have a head to head with an experienced outsider."
"Sacha doesn’t just hold up a mirror to you, but also gives you tools to work with."
"Sacha offers a wide range of options, allowing you to choose what suits you best."
Sacha Engels Logo

Perhaps your (family) company is in need of a different perspective. Or maybe your scale-up could do with some extra knowledge? Does your business model experience problems with innovation and transition? Or are you wondering how you can keep your people together, proud and involved?

Sacha helps entrepreneurs who want to be inspired by an involved outsider. Who are open to stimulating questions, smart ideas and useful strategic advice.

To avoid pitfalls and speed up processes. Or to explore whether opportunities are being fully exploited. Or simply, to have someone sketch the impact of current affairs. In brief, Sacha inspires, gives advice and participates.

"Het is weer duidelijk waar wij over 5 jaar willen staan."
"Ze loopt ons altijd een paar passen vooruit."
"Een commissaris met focus op purpose, people en performance."
"Het is inspirerend om met een ervaren buitenstaander te sparren."
"Sacha biedt een breed palet aan opties waaruit je goed kunt kiezen wat bij jou past."
"Ze kent ons bedrijf maar net, maar het voelt of ze er al jaren mee verbonden is."
"Sacha houdt je niet alleen een spiegel voor, maar reikt ook direct handvaten aan."
"Recht-door-zee, direct en oplossingsgericht, woorden die Engels heeft uitgevonden."
"Sacha zorgt ervoor dat zaken op een prettige manier toch bespreekbaar worden."